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Treating fleas can be tricky, but U-Kill-Em Pest Supplies has remedies to remove them from your home or business. We know that you want to avoid a flea infestation problem at all costs. Our experts can provide you with the necessary products to remove fleas from your home, yard, and pet.

Flea Removal

Steps to ensure the complete removal of fleas:

- Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum your home

- Remove the bag and immediately take it to the outdoor trash bin

- Treat your pet with one of our quality flea removal products

- Treat your carpets and furniture promptly with Precor 2000

- Treat your lawn within 48 hours with Bifenthrin


U-Kill-Em Pest Supplies offers a variety of products for eliminating fleas and pests from your home. We are experienced and knowledgeable about the processes that work to remove bed bugs, fleas, and roaches. We also have a number of lawn care products and pet products.